Others · October 3, 2021

Advantages of the Mobile Phone With the Presence of the vivo Y11

Vivo Y11 smartphone was introduced on 18th September in China, and according to reports it is the best smartphone launched so far this year. The phone comes with an astounding six hundred million songs, which can be played via the cellular data network. The phone also offers you free VoIP service from Videocon, which gives you unlimited calls to other VASCA members for one year. The price of this handset is around three hundred and forty pounds.

The good thing about this handset is that it is very light weight. The handset weighs just eight.5 grams, which is really light and comfortable. The battery has a long Talk time, of about twenty minutes and thirty minutes of Music playback time. The battery is capable of giving more than a week of talk time, depending on how you use the data network. The handset runs on the Windows operating system OS. vivo y11

The Vivo Y11 is available in four colors namely, white, black, gray and silver. The nineteen inch touchscreen is very nice to touch and the color screen gives clear viewing of the text and images. The keyboard has a very large punctuation keys and even includes volume control keys. The keyboard responds quickly and you can type text without facing any problems.

The built-in speakerphone is also present in this handset and it works very well. In fact, even if you are traveling, you can use the speakerphone to hear messages and other calls. The price of the handset is affordable and it is one of the most promising phones in the present market. If you do not have any budget restrictions, then you should go for this gadget which is very much cheaper than the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro.

Apart from the above features, the vivo Y11 has a number of features which make it a great mobile phone. The body of the handset is made up of rugged rubber and this is the reason why it is resistant to various shocks. This rugged body of the handset will ensure that you never experience any sort of damage. You can also enjoy the music even while you are walking and running. The weight of the handset is less and it weighs as less as six ounces. In addition to this, you can avail the opportunity to watch your favorite videos with your high definition videos.

The vivo Y11 can be used as both a PDA and an ordinary mobile phone. It can work as a PDA when you download the free software called MMS or if you purchase the paid software named OBBi. When you want to use the handset as an ordinary mobile phone, then you have to insert the SIM card which is inserted into the handset and connect the handset to the USB. With the help of the USB, you can also enjoy the mass memory. Thus, the vivo Y11 can be used as an Android phone as well.